Digital heritage, culture, and tourism

The increasing digitalization and consequent offer of new opportunities, especially in the preservation of content and access to a greater number of people, leads cultural organizations to adopt new technologies in order to offer a range of innovative experiences to visitors, on site or remotely. one click. 



The CCG/ZGDV Institute has a long history of activity in the field of digital heritage, culture and tourism, through the development and implementation of innovative technologies in the areas of virtual, augmented and mixed reality, geolocation and mobile applications, which allow preservation, access and promotion of cultural heritage, as well as valuing the visitor experience.


Challenges and Opportunities


  • Existence of a digitization process that does not compromise the authenticity and integrity of cultural heritage
  • Ensures accessibility for everyone to digital cultural heritage, regardless of language, culture or ability
  • Growing need for sustainable business models to ensure the long-term viability of digital cultural heritage projects

  • Data privacy and cybersecurity requirements for the vast amount of data collected by digital technologies
  • New challenges for innovation and economic growth, through the development and implementation of new technologies and digital processes



  • Innovate and integrate sustainable technologies into tools and solutions to support museums, heritage sites and tour operators in their daily activities
  • Promote solutions that make cultural heritage accessible to everyone, particularly through digital media
  • Increase access to cultural heritage for people who cannot visit physical sites

  • Improving the visitor experience and engagement with cultural heritage

  • Support the development of specialist skills and improve management and knowledge transfer for the cultural heritage sector
  • Improve the quality of life of residents and building users (indoor air quality, lighting and comfort, health and safety)

  • Preserve and promote cultural heritage for future generations

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