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Date: 2022-2026

Digital transformation in manufacturing and process industry


Technological Innovation Consultancy
Research and Development under Contract


IT Engineering - Process, Data, Maturity, and Quality
Computer Vision, Interaction and Graphics
Human-Technology Interaction, and Robotics
Urban and Mobile Computing


Software and business processes
Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and decision support systems
Software architecture and data engineering
Ontologies and interoperability
Cloud computing, blockchain, and cibersecurity
Computer graphics, virtual, augmented and mixed reality
Cognitive and collaborative robotics
Human Factors, usability, and UX design



PRODUTECH DIH's mission is promoting the manufacturing industry digitalization, focusing on production technologies and their digital transformation role



It aims to facilitate access to services and related organizations through its portal. Made up of 19 organizations, it offers various services, including technological diagnostics, support in identifying suppliers and partners, demonstration of innovative solutions, advanced training, support for new business development, and identification of funding sources.




PRODUTECH DIH aims to be a solid support for production technology companies' digitalization and manufacturing industry in general



By combining capacities, skills, and infrastructures, this program aims to exploit advanced technologies' potential, mitigate regional disparities in digitalization, and boost initiatives that enable the industry to make the most of digitalization. This initiative is a response to the needs identified in the manufacturing industry. It is the result of consolidating two initiatives: the PRODUTECH DIH Platform and the iMan Norte Hub


CCG/ZGDV contributes to the following Work Packages:



  • WP1: Experimenting and testing with digital technologies

Test before invest” coordinator, to increase innovation capacity and digital technologies adoption in the manufacturing industry

  • WP4: Ecosystem facilitation and dynamization (technology suppliers, user companies, ENESII, and other relevant companies)

Promoting collaborative initiatives for the adoption or development of new technological solutions based on digitalization