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Artificial Intelligence under discussion at CPES/SERIW
21 June, 2024

The CPES/SERIW second edition took place at UMinho, in Azurém, on June 14, and was attended by more than six dozen students, teachers and company representatives linked to the areas of software engineering, data engineering, Machine Learning and its applicability.


CPES (Community of Practice in Software Engineering) featured a round table entitled "Computing Curricula 2020: Competencies = Knowledge + Skills + Dispositions". An open discussion between students, teachers and companies on the most important skills, knowledge and abilities of software engineering professionals, based on the "Computing Curricula 2020", as well as the introduction of teaching new forms, approach themes and reinvention in an increasingly globalized world.

CPES aims to: promote active learning practices and technology-based teaching approaches; integrate UMinho's internal community and get it to interact with society; empower students; and reuse the knowledge and software developed. 



Driven by the ALGORITMI Center's SEMAG Research Group and the CCG/ZGDV Institute's EPMQ R&I department, SERIW occupied the second part of the event with a debate on research and innovation issues related to software engineering for the creation of artificial intelligence and the use of artificial intelligence in the context of software engineering.

"It's all about data. Not just AI. We live on data," was one of the phrases uttered at the event, where Artificial Intelligence was critically addressed, taking into account its positive and negative aspects, in the face of an increasingly connected and digitalized society.

Tools such as the "CHAT GPT" brought up issues such as their use (or not) by students, in order to stimulate learning, and the importance of understanding why the concept exists and how it works. The role of academia in "educating" when and how to use these new technological approaches was also highlighted.