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CCG – Centro de Computação Gráfica

Topic Shoe: virtual assistant

  • 2012

    Construction of an interactive kiosk to be used in shoe stores and events. The kiosk comprises (i) a horizontal control screen with multi touch sensing that enables the visitor to easily interact with the shoe catalog, and (ii) a vertical screen with the virtual assistant. Both screens are reciprocally coordinated, virtual assistant behaviors are triggered by control screen interaction, as well as events in control screen can be launched by virtual assistant.

    The virtual assistant can be employed in a variety of ways to help and attract the visitors, for example to give a “human touch” to user interfaces. This technology aims at very high visual quality of the virtual assistant representations and animation; at the same time, the solution functions even at low-end devices. The virtual assistant is capable of engaging in conversation with humans, employing the same verbal and nonverbal means that humans do. 

    The virtual assistant combines both implicit and explicit interaction. An implicit sensing is used to detect the proximity of visitors and activate the virtual assistant appealing behavior. The explicit interaction is made through the multi touch catalog application that activates some virtual assistant behaviors, such as present the production performance or provides information on footwear collections.

     With this system we seek to enrich the consumer and visitor experience, by providing a tool that allows the free exploration of company portfolio, in an innovative and attractive way.

    Partners: Mind, CTCP, CCG, Oficina de Soluções, Joaquim José Heitor S.A., KLAVENESS, Jefar, Universidade do Minho

    Financing: ON2, QREN, FEDER

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