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Santa Clara-a-Velha: a journey throughout the time


Viagem virtual a Santa Clara-a-Velha is the development of a 3D virtual environment of the whole monastic set of Santa Clara-a-Velha in Coimbra (Portugal). The 3D model allows multiple applications, which the first was the production of a video, in high definition, that shows the whole monastic's development from 1314 until the present time.

Together with experts of archeology and art's history it was possible to establish a time guide to prepare a video that allows museum's and Santa Clara-a-Velha monastery visitors better understand the history associated with it, always marked by the proximity of Mondego River and its waters.

This project was based on one developed by the CCG, at the end of the 90s, focusing on the accuracy of 3D representations and routes defined for each monastery's phase, taking into account the full range of knowledge resulting from studies conducted by archaeologists. Using new technologies of 3D modeling and animation, the virtual model has been enriched with detailed geometry, more defined textures and atmospheric effects, allowing a more realistic representation with no losses in the archaeological and historical accuracy.

The video was generated from sequences defined for each steps proposed in the script, with captions for their better understanding and interpretation.

In the future the virtual environment can be enriched with characters, illustrating the entire life and living habits of monastery nuns. Other products can be created from the 3D virtual environment, including games and web content, allowing monastery of Santa Clara-a-Velha's history to be known by a larger number of people throughout the world.


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