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CCG – Centro de Computação Gráfica

PT21: Shop of the future: Smart fitting room

  • 2011-2014

    Under the scope of the action Pólo de Competitividade da Moda, the mobilizing project PT21 – Power Textile Século XXI - a partnership of 42 entities, who shared a strategic vision based on the pursuance of innovative activities, oriented towards the development of projects of high technological intensity and strong international orientation and visibility.

    CCG was the partner in PPS5 – ICT4Business - responsible for the development component of the “Loja do Futuro” (future shop), being technologically innovative in the development of new concepts for the “Fitting rooms” and for the “Interaction and Attraction of Clients”.

    The Smart Fitting Room, named Magic Mirror, comprises:

    • Virtual assistant;
    • Catalogue navigation;
    • Virtual clothes fitting;
    • Social networks integration;
    • ERP integration.

    The aim of this PPS was to intervene in the selling points, through the development of concepts and innovative technologies, which allow bringing into the store the personal context, in an interactive and intuitive form, making the act of buying a differentiating experience.

    Partners: PPS5: ICT4Business, CCG, CITEVE, Creative Systems, INESC Porto, Tetribérica

    • QREN
    • UE
  • PPS5: ICT4Business


    • CCG
    • Citeve
    • Creative Systems
    • INESC Porto
    • Tetribérica



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