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CCG – Centro de Computação Gráfica

Multi-touch table

  • 2010

    Multi-touch surfaces are the new trend for the promotion of collaborative work, presenting itself as an excellent tool of
    interaction without barriers and constraints.

    The multi-touch table is an innovative product, designed with Portuguese technology, and presents itself as a system which
    promotes a more intuitive and dynamic interaction between multiple users, with digital content. It achieves social interaction, through multiple combinations of technology, thus boosting the modernization of society and the improvement of services and organizational infrastructure.

    The multi-touch table offers numerous advantages in areas such as education, entertainment, culture, tourism, hospitality and business world, with the development of specific and customized content to each sector.
    With this innovative interface are promoted new perspectives of collaborative spaces and contexts, as well as new ways to communicate and learn. Users can interact directly with multiple applications, having the possibility of touching objects, drag them;
    rotate, grow and shrink images; turn virtual pages; navigatethrough maps, approaching and moving images; draw lines-all this relying on our hands.

    Client: FAMASETE

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