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CCG – Centro de Computação Gráfica

GreenShoes 4.0

  • 2020-2023

    The Footwear and Fashion Cluster integrated project, GreenShoes 4.0, aims to establish Portugal as a world refence for the consumer and industries of these sectors, through differentiation, creativity and value, boosting national exports, sustainability and globally competitiveness, based on a strong national production, supported on technical and scientific knowledge.

    GreenShoes 4.0 aims to prepare the Cluster for the Future, promoting the synergistic cross between the biological, the physical and the digital, the innovation to support the emergence of new products and services and the sustainable transformation and development of the Cluster and country, intervening in 3 strategic R&D areas:

    - new costumer-driven concepts of business, footwear and leather goods in the circular and digital economy;

    - leather, polymers and components for footwear and leather goods of the future;

    - and new technologies and digitalization of the whole Cluster value chain: consumer, materials & components, technologies, footwear & leather goods and the online & physical retail.

    This ambition is possible due to a mobilised complete consortium, integrating 15 leader companies of the different sectors, including design, materials, equipment, software, logistic, retail, footwear and leather goods; and 8 R&D entities with complementary competences and recognized merit at national and international level, on their field of intervention, that in cooperation will contribute to ensure the implementation of research and innovation plan, assumed collaboratively by the cluster.


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