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CCG – Centro de Computação Gráfica

Walkys – Footwear Virtual Try-On

  • 2013-2014

    Walkys - Footwear Virtual Try-On, is an interactive experience developed by the domain of applied research group Computer Vision, Interaction & Graphics for Walkys Calçado, Unipessoal Lda. The Walkys - Footwear Virtual Try-On allows any user, using the concept of augmented reality, to virtually try footwear.

    The user can select the desired shoes from a catalog, using gestures, and visualize it superimposed (3D) on their feet, in a real time immersive experience.

    In order to achieve success in this project, the development addressed three main areas of CVIG: Computer Vision, Human-Computer Interaction and Computer Graphics. Using RGB-D sensors, computer vision algorithms capable of calculating a skeleton for each leg-foot were developed determining, at each instant, their position and orientation. With this information, a virtual model is superimposed on the feet of the users, this way, the users can see themselves with the shoes on as if they were in front of a real mirror.

    The Virtual Try-On has different types of shoes available in catalog for selection. The interaction with the system is made using natural user interfaces, namely gestures. To that end, intuitive and simple, the user only needs to raise his arms to indicate the intended footwear to try next.

    Client: Walkys Calçado, UNIPESSOAL, LDA

    Financing: QREN – SI I&DT – Vale I&DT

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