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CCG – Centro de Computação Gráfica

ARPAD: Augmented Reality for mobile devices

  • 2012

    The Centro de Computação Gráfica and Tridivisions established a partnership to create a new project called ARPad.

    Tridivisions due to activity, objectives and positioning in the market has developed several projects that used the concept/technologies related to Augmented Reality (AR), to get three-dimensional and immersive visualisation of furniture and decoration pieces in a real environment, using AR glasses, cameras and displays.

    ARPad project aims to create a new application of AR, for mobile devices such as, smartphones or tablets, and this new application should allow the user to select one or several objects from a library and display it on the mobile device screen. This object will be connected to a pattern and with the mobile device movement the behaviour (visualization) of the object should be the same has if it was real.

    The application of this new product can have several usages

    • Application used as a tool for brand-awareness.
    • Application used as a complementary tool for sale by the seller or the potential buyer.

    Partners: CCG, TriDiVisions Lda.

    • TriDiVisions Lda.
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