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CCG – Centro de Computação Gráfica

3D Supreme

  • 2020

    This project aims to develop a render engine for the rendering of projects created on the current 3D Supreme platform - 3D Superb. The platform exports a file in a certain format that the render engine to be developed will consume, to produce the final render output for presentation to customers.

    The main objective of the project is to update and optimize the current interior decoration platform - 3D Superb. This platform generates a file that is consumed by the current render engine. In order to replace this render engine, a new engine capable of more realistic renderings will be developed, meeting the needs of 3D Supreme and its customers.

    The objectives to be achieved with the development of the new render engine are:

    • Be extremely fast and adaptable to the hardware;
    • Guarantee good results with minimum interaction with the user;
    • Present the user with Post-processing options to fine tune the final result of the image;
    • Allow the configuration of the render size limit;
    • Allow the simulation of external scenarios;
    • Process sunlight in order to obtain the most realistic rendering possible;
    • Automatic application of internal lighting;
    • Apply reflection of ceramic tiles;
    • Apply roughness to the parts (“Bump map”);
    • Creation of 360º 2D and 3D panoramas compatible with VR glasses.

    • Client: 3D Supreme - Comercialização de Produtos Informáticos, Lda