Software and business processes

The disruptive challenges of digitalization call for the systematization of life cycle management, quality and development processes in the software domain, for a better definition and optimization of organizations' processes.



The CCG/ZGDV Institute has a team specialized in defining and implementing software and business processes for digital transition, supporting organizations in defining and increasing their operational and development strategies. Through the systematization of authority references, it is possible to assess maturity, identify and implement opportunities for process innovation, resulting in efficiency gains, cost reduction and improved customer service.


CCG/ZGDV supports organizations through the following activities:

  • Survey of an organization's business processes
  • Creating business process models
  • Comparison of an organization's processes with the best practices expressed in the authority references of the various domains
  • Introduction of essential practices to improve the implementation of the organization's processes
  • Creation of tools that methodically support the transformation process
  • Description of an organization's processes
  • Assessment of the organization's business maturity
  •  Definition of action plans to improve processes
  • Definition of roadmaps to increase the maturity of processes that aim to reduce costs, waste and add value to the customer
  • Creation of structures to address the new challenges of digital transformation



Define processes that respond to the company's value strategy  

Maintain and boost the continuous creation/optimization of processes, to add value in competitive and constantly evolving markets. This dynamic requires organizations to focus on processes with the greatest impact in order to distinguish themselves from the competition. 



Align the company's offering with customer expectations

Conceptualize and implement processes aligned with the organization's needs. The diversification, transformation or reinvention of processes, through innovation, is a mandatory commitment.



Transparency and Visibility about the Business

Minimize the costs associated with activities and resources, and maximize the benefits associated with value creation, without disappointing customer expectations. A balance influenced by contexts: economic, environmental, social and cultural, in a holistic vision that encompasses the different partners.


Know the maturity level of business processes and software 

Being informed about the current state of maturity of the organization's processes prioritizes the actions and practices to be implemented, according to the authority references of the various domains, to achieve the desired maturity levels.



Greater process maturity 

Integrating more mature and efficient processes reduces costs, minimizes waste and helps the company achieve better economic results, providing the customer with products with greater value and quality.