Audiovisual Content Development Workshop

The Audiovisual Content Development workshop, organized by CCG – Centro de Computação Gráfica, will take place on March 25, Sunday, at 6 pm, at Fnac, Braga.

This workshop is aimed at all enthusiasts in the areas of audio, music technology and the development of audiovisual content. Admission is free.

workshop de desenvolvimento

Contents of the audiovisual workshop

In the lecture of the workshop of development of audiovisual contents will be approached the current methods of production of 3D sound in two strands:

  1.     analog sound capture 3D;
  2.     modeling and computational generation of 3D sound.


Throughout the lecture, a special focus will be given to the impact this technology can have on music, film, and virtual reality environments. Some scientific results obtained, in the area of acoustic perception with 3D sound, by the research group PIU of the CCG, will also be presented.

As speakers will be Frederico Pereira, Master in Audio and Acoustics from the University of Sydney, and Carlos Silva coordinator of the PIU research team, who is finishing a doctorate focused on the development of audiovisual environments of virtual reality.

PIU team

The Perception, Interaction, and Usability team of the Centro de Computação Gráfica is a scientific research group applied to the development of new technology products based on the study and understanding of the user.

One of the recent projects of this team focuses on the development of computational methods of 3D sound generation for immersive contents such as games, music, and experiences in virtual reality.