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Shoes 360: Capture images of an object in 360º


The developed system allows an automated way to capture images of an object in 360 degrees. The system can be divided in two components hardware and software. The hardware component is composed by a computer, a camera and a rotating table.

The camera used for development, is a Canon 100D which has as main features:

  • Capture images up to 18 megapixels;
  • Can take 4 images per second;
  • Image Processor DIGIC5;
  • Live view with 60 frames per second.

 The developed system is, however, able to run on other models of Canon's EOS line. The rotating table developed according to the needs of the client has the following characteristics:

  • Plate diameter: 50cm;
  • Angular Resolution: 5º;
  • Communication: USB Port.

 In the software level the system has two different modes VB.NET API or as stand-alone application. Both solutions work on Windows operation system and allow the management of photo session by synchronizing the movement of the rotating platform with the acquisition of photos.

com a aquisição de fotografias.


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