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Centro de Computação Gráfica

SAMU – Smart Autonomous Mobile Units in an industrial environment

2016 – 2018

The BOSCH 2 P24 SAMU – Smart Autonomous Mobile Units in an industrial environment – project has created scientific and technological advances related to robotics, logistics, information systems and mechanics, namely a set of processes, systems and tools with a high level of flexibility and quality.

As part of this project, an internal material handling system was developed using two autonomous vehicles to support the logistic processes of movement of raw materials and finished products. Each vehicle moves autonomously from one place to another, detecting obstacles that may exist.

This was one of the 15 research projects of the iFactory program that developed improved methods in product manufacturing processes, with new concepts of assembly, packaging, new electronic formats of instructions, new techniques for the welding process, etc.

It counted with the participation of applied research domain UMC of the CCG.

Partners: Bosch Car Multimedia Portugal SA, Universidade do Minho


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