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Centro de Computação Gráfica

RECARDI: Culture and Digital Art network


RECARDI main objective was the creation, promotion and expansion of a "network of excellence" in the web in the field of Digital Culture and Art.

RECARDI is a digital platform, that enables, on one hand, the experimentation and creation (individual or collaborative), virtual exhibitions and digital business, education / training online and digital preservation and digital repository in copyright itself, from various types of art and digital culture; secondly, making it available on devices and in complementary and heterogeneous platforms. This network will enhance the congregation of art specialists, technology, culture and leisure associated with physical and experimental exhibition spaces that facilitate proper engagement with the general public.

CCG was responsible for the development of three components in eExpôr module. This pilot module adopts the metaphor of a Virtual Gallery by creating a bi and tri dimensional space in the form of a gallery, where any user can remotely access to virtual exhibitions.

  • Virtual Museum, an application that uses the oculus rift to display digital art in a virtual reality environment.
  • Experimenting with the digital art pieces in a CAVE (cave automatic virtual environment) like environment, where a visitor could interact with the pieces by the use of gestures.
  • Iintegration in the eExpôr web platform of a virtual actors functionalities. These virtual actors narrate the description of each of the digital art pieces in the gallery.


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