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CITT: Cross Independent Testing Tool


CITT is a testing tool that boosts your test automation approach. You can easily create and maintain testing scripts across multiple platforms.
Nowadays, testing teams face an increase in testing effort because there is a shift from “one-platform” projects to “application-centric” projects. One single application runs on multiple platforms like iPhone, iPad, MacOS, Windows, Android Mobile, Android Tablet and much more browsers and different devices.
CITT is a tool where you code once (independently of your interface) and you run your testing scripts over multiple platforms / browsers.

Key of benefit:

  • Straight forward test script creation
  • One-single script runs on multiple platforms
  • Fast script maintenance when AUT (Application Under Test) changes
  • Your team moves easily from manual to automation testing
  • Don’t need to change your HR to change your testing approach
  • Increase your testing coverage with increase in HR expenses

Partners: Wintrust, Primavera Technology

Financing: Compete, QREN, FEDER