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CHIC – Cooperative Holistic view on Internet and Content

Centro de Computação Gráfica

CHIC – Cooperative Holistic view on Internet and Content

2017 - 2020

The main objective of the “CHIC – Cooperative Holistic view on Internet and Content” mobilizing project is to develop, test, and demonstrate a wide range of new processes, products and services in the audiovisual and multimedia sectors.

Given the transversality of these processes, products and services, mobilizing effects are also expected in other important sectors, such as culture, specifically in cultural heritage, archives, books, and publications or the performing arts.

A wide range of activities will enable the development of technology and solutions for three main areas:

  1. Open platforms for managing the production and distribution of digital content in the cloud.
  2. Management of contents belonging to the national cultural heritage based on open systems of preservation and interaction.
  3. Creation, production and consumption of content, focusing on Quality of Service and Experience, using immersive environments and high definition.

The CCG, through the applied research domains CVIG and PIU, is involved in this third chapter of activities, namely:

  • in the development of algorithms and tools that allow defining the narrative in immersive content (360 videos and virtual reality) and in the investigation of spatial reference techniques to highlight points of interest in 360 environments;
  • in the study and development of a new paradigm for the book, through the application of concepts of Physical Computing, Augmented Reality, IOT, in the sense of creating a "hybrid book".

The CCG contribution is also focused on the scientific management of these activities and in the dissemination of the results achieved.


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