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BUSCA: Bus Context Awareness


The PPS5 - BUSCA (Bus Context-Awareness) is aligned with the overall goal of building mobility solutions that integrate with the urban space and its dynamics, developing an interaction between the individual experience of space and mobility when the user moves in public transport.

With the development of a system to support the creation of new services and to export these vehicles and, second, solution development embedded installed on the vehicle responsible for the presentation and interaction of services and end-users, it is intended that otherwise reduce the "psychological time travel" making use of public transport more appealing.

As a result of the development of PPS is intended to directly explore new services available within the public transport more efficient and comprehensive, through the use of information and communication technologies (ICT) to integrate the various solutions and information available for this building a context of surrounding environment, allowing services to use this same context always aiming to improve the quality of service to the user in order to make the trip more enjoyable for them and if possible to bring new users to this mobility solution.

Indirectly it is also expected as a result of PPS increase the impact of a new mentality in mobility bringing people to public transport. The exchange of the private car by other means of transport enhances the reduction of traffic congestion, will save time, fuel, emissions of harmful gases into the atmosphere and stress.


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