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Braga Digital: Interpretation centers and virtual museums


All the patrimonial richness originated the constitution of multiple museums in the city of Braga. In the context of the “Braga Digital” initiative, the municipality defined a specific program for supporting the creation of new infrastructures in the museums (physical and virtual) that can be of added value for the site fruition by the visitors. Particular attention is devoted to the historic-cultural contents by means of virtual reconstitutions, simulations, animations, as well as the publication of real images from each site.

To achieve such objectives a set of multimedia applications was defined, enabling the dynamic and easier presentation of information at the museums in the city of Braga. The actions implemented cover the following museums, in terms of installation of interactive applications: the image museum, the “escola da se” archaeological site, the “alto da Cividade” archaeological site, the Idol fountain archaeological site. The Dom Diogo de Sousa and Biscainhos museums will have their presence in a web portal, presenting relevant information for the visitors, who want to prepare their visit or go deeper into the information about the museums contents.

By its particular thematic, for the image museum an interactive application of virtual graffiti will be implemented and installed, enabling the visitors the possibility of expressing their creativity for image creation and manipulation.


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