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Ambient Assisted Living for All

AAL4ALL: Ambient Assisted Living for All


The main objective of the AAL4ALL project is the development of an ecosystem of products and services for Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) associated to a business model and validated through large scale trial.

The definition of reference models for different environments reduces the investment risk and time-to-market of the products and services.

The competitive advantage of being First mover coupled with the standardization of products and services will enable the massification of AAL solutions and their export to other countries, particularly European ones.

 The project comprises 5 PPSs that should address the challenges mentioned previously in an integrated way. The PPSs were defined following a market-oriented rationale taking into account the specificities of products and services being developed to the users.

Therefore, PPS2, PPS3, and PPS4 were created with the goal of segmenting the products into 3 different areas: (1) user services; (2) logistics and ICT services; (3) providers of primary care services. PPS1 will be the aggregator of all these stakeholders and will define and validate the global architecture of the AAL4ALL ecosystem. In PPS5 a process of certification will be elaborated as well as perform a set of tests that should assure interoperability between the different products and services.

 CCG´s Goals:

  • Study and definition of logical architecture (PPS1 & PPS5)
  • Standardization and certification of products AAL (test platform) (PPS5)
  • Users location and event detection in domestic environment (Vision + RTLS) (PPS2)
  • Components of user interaction with AAL system (Virtual Actors) (PPS2 & PPS4)


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ISEP | Universidade do Minho | CASO
CCG: Centro de Computação Gráfica
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INOV | INOVAMAIS | Instituto Pedro Nunes
INTELLICARE | Universidade da Beira Interior
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Faculdade de Ciências e Tecn. da Univ. Nova de Lisboa
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