Full house at CCG for the workshop “New Trends of Enterprise Interoperability in Industrial Settings”

The GCC auditorium filled on November 29th to attend the workshop “New Trends of Enterprise Interoperability in Industrial Settings”, powered by the EPMQ Laboratory domain, through its researcher João Pedro Mendonça. The workshop was aimed at industrial companies and at software development companies for the industry.

As the degree of complexity has increased in industry, with the evolution of the use of ICT in manufacturing, new challenges and solutions are currently being raised for companies in the industrial sector. With the development of concepts of cyber-physical systems, Internet of Things and Cloud Computing, a whole new panorama of possibilities is glimpsed for small and medium-sized companies, which represent 99% of businesses in the European Union.

It was in this sense that the speakers of the event intervened, taking the dozens of people present to navigate the sea of new trends in business interoperability in industrial configurations.

Ricardo Machado, Professor / Researcher at the University of Minho and GCC, EPMQ Laboratory (IT Engineering Process Maturity and Quality), opened the event talking about the exploration of research opportunities in industrial interoperability, and was followed by the intervention of Francisco Duarte, coordinator of Bosch Industry 4.0.

Ricardo Gonçalves, from Portugal’s INTEROP V-Lab and Carlos Agostinho, leader of the Data Collection Framework of UNINOVA Portugal, spoke about the state of industrial interoperability in the national context, just before the grand finale event, by Guy Doumeingts, professor emeritus of the University of Bordeaux and general manager of INTEROP V-Lab. Doumeingts gave examples of advanced manufacturing technology systems and prepositions to enhance the introduction of advanced manufacturing technology.

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Workshop New Trends of Enterprise Operability in Industrial Settings