CCG @ ICT Proposers’ Day 2017

The CCG (Center of Computer Graphics) was present on ICT Proposers’ Day 2017 that was held on november 9th and 10th, at Budapest, Hungary.

This event consisted of information and networking sessions, information stands and a meeting point between researchers and companies, informal meetings with potential partners and also in panels of discussion on European research and innovation trends, all in the area of ICT and emerging and future technologies, with special focus on the topics to be supported by the Horizon2020 program, in the period 2018-2020.

With several thousand participants and institutions represented, the event was constituted by different moments, from the formal presentation of topics H2020 to brokerage meetings.

In both face-to-face informal meetings and networking sessions, it was possible to hold institutional presentations and project ideas, in order to establish partnerships on concrete issues and to offer collaboration to potential proposals and projects.

The CCG has given presentations on two topics in the current program that have already resulted in interesting partnerships in these areas. This way, the CGC elements present at the event contributed to the achievement of the institution’s objectives as an active R & D entity in the fields of the H2020 program.

This action was co-financed by the Operational Program Norte2020, and European Union, through the European Regional Development Fund, in the context of the “Transfer of scientific and technological knowledge of the CCG”.