Computer Vision, Interaction and Graphics

  • Senior Development Technician | Refª: CT_CVIG_01/18

    Refª: CT_CVIG_01/18

    The Center for Computer Graphics intends to identify potential candidates for 2 or 3 jobs (term contract), in the role of "Senior Development Technician" depending on the qualifications of the candidates, to work on ongoing projects in the Department of Computer Vision, Interaction and Graphics under the following conditions:



                - Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition - Machine (Deep) Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual and Augmented Reality, Human Computer Interaction.



                - Higher education in Computer Engineering, Automation, Electronic Engineering or related areas. Priority will be given to applicants holding masters or doctorates. Candidates must also manifest potential or be holders of a curriculum with competencies in any of the scientific areas mentioned above.



    - To develop activities of applied research and transfer of technologies in the scientific areas mentioned above.



    - The work will be developed in the Center of Computer Graphics (Department of "Computer Vision, Interaction and Graphics"), headquartered in Guimarães, Azurém Campus, University of Minho.



    - The contract will have an initial duration of 12 months, scheduled to start on November 1, 2018. Depending on the candidate's performance, the contract may be renewed.


    SALARY VALUE: The amount of the salary will be defined according to the competences and the training/academic degree of the candidate.


    FORMALIZATION OF APPLICATIONS: Candidates must present their applications by means of a letter of admission mentioning their motivations, accompanied by a detailed Curriculum Vitae, a copy of the Certificate of Qualifications with a breakdown of the classifications obtained in the courses and a copy of the identification document.


    Prazo de candidatura e forma de apresentação das candidaturas: Applications must be sent by e-mail to, with the tender open until 22/10/2018, indicating the reference: CT_CVIG_01/18.


    Guimarães, October 9, 2018.

Information Systems

  • Cyber Security Specialist

    Cyber Security Specialist


    CCG is an organization with almost 25 years of existence, which dedicates its activity to applied research and development in the fields of information technology, communication and electronics and applications, at national and international level.


    If you love working with structured and unstructured data and sharing insights with a qualified and innovative team, this is the right challenge for you!



    EPMQ Team:


    EPMQ is the field within CCG, which focuses on applied research in engineering processes’ maturity and quality. Our team consists of talented engineers and researchers who have creativity in their DNA and pursue accuracy, excellence and innovation.


    What are we looking for?


    • PhD or Master's degree in a field such as Information Systems Engineering, Computer Engineering, Information Systems, or related fields;

    • Dynamic, proactive and highly responsible candidates (CCG factor);

    • Ability to work together with different stakeholders;

    . Strong IT skills and knowledge including hardware, software (all levels), networks, cyber security technology, applicable laws, rules and regulations/standards;

    . Ability to keep up with the fast pace of change in the criminal cyber-underworld and cyber security technology;

    . Defining problems, collecting data, establishing facts and drawing valid conclusions;

    . Think critically;

    Skills in data analysis and meticulous attention to detail;

    • Experience in writing scientific articles, as well as involvement in research projects;

    • Excellent written and communication skills in English.



    What we offer:


    • A welcoming and diversity-friendly environment;

    • The opportunity of being part of a dynamic and supportive team;

    • Opportunities to learn and develop;

    • Creative Challenges as Guides;

    • Salary + benefits;


    You can grow your value with us!


    Bring your passion, we will perform and reveal CCG Magic Tricks!


    To be a part of CCG’s experience, please send us your application to with the reference “Cyber Security Specialist”.